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Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Companies within the stringently regulated FDA environment know how vital compliance is to their success. Current Good Laboratory Practice guidelines help regulated companies as they develop, manufacture, and distribute their products in accordance with FDA regulations. Complying with Good Laboratory Practice can be challenging. The team behind ItemTracker believe that compliance is a state, not an event.

Companies all around the world use ItemTracker as their sample tracking and management solution to help them address the challenges of compliance with Good Laboratory Practices guidelines. ItemTracker sample tracking and management system directly addresses the challenges of complying with current Good Laboratory Practice and other FDA regulations. The software solution helps companies automate FDA-required processes.


To be successful in today's strictly regulated environment, medical, clinical, and contract laboratories must observe GLP requirements while maintaining efficiency.

As the FDA moves towards increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, it is vital for today's regulated businesses to attain and sustain compliance to compete in the competitive world market. With ItemTracker, compliance in any industry is a state, not an event, as it becomes a part of corporate culture that encourages accuracy, quality, and efficiency—all the ingredients needed for profit and growth. ItemTracker’s integrated solution combines industry best practices with the flexibility needed to address the unique environment and GLP requirements of each company.