Visual Sample Tracking and Management Software Visual Sample Tracking and Management Software

ItemTracker is being used by many sites ranging from small laboratories to large research and medical institutes.

ItemTracker was originally developed in consultation with the London (UK) based Hammersmith Hospital Andrology Lab who have now been actively using the sample tracking program since 2001.

It quickly became apparent that the need for a flexible and easy to use sample tracking system was much wider and ItemTracker was further developed in conjunction with the UK based National Institute of Biological Standard and Control (NIBSC).

Once a high level of satisfaction was achieved, ItemTracker was presented to the general market.

Since then, the user base of ItemTracker has been growing exponentially to include sites ranging from small laboratories all the way through to some of the largest research, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories in the world. ItemTracker is now gaining an international presence with many new customers from all across the globe.

We are constantly looking to expand into new geographical areas by forging a close relationship with established and proven distributors in other countries.