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ItemTracker allows you to create an unlimited hierarchy of different item types. For each item type you create, you add fields to record the information you want to track.

Each field you create can then be configured to restrict, for example, what type of data can be set for the field e.g. text, numeric, yes/no, document or data. You can also set default values or require a user to have to pick a value from a pre-defined list.

You can also create rules to ensure correct values are entered. These rules can contain any combination of fields and even set whether a field is shown or not, depending on the value or values in other fields.

Once you have established your hierarchy of item types, configured them and created any appropriate field rules, you are ready to create samples. You can create samples either un-stored (in the items (samples) window) or stored (in the map window). Samples can easily be created, either individually or in batches.

Every change you subsequently make to your items is tracked. This helps make for a fully audited sample tracking solution.