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Functionality Multiuser Access Advanced Features

As ItemTracker is used predominantly in multi user environments, it is essential to be able to configure users’ access rights. This is done by creating user groups and assigning users to the groups. Access rights are then set at the user group level, and passed down to all the users within the group. A user can be in multiple groups and would then get rights from both groups.

User Access is completely customizable. This includes limiting user groups (and hence users) to what fields can be seen, what item types and storage areas they have access, what menu options they have access to and much more.

To ensure an accurate audit log, every user of ItemTracker should be given their own unique log-in details. This then allows you to see who did what to which items/owners from where and when.

As well as restricting a user’s access to certain item types or storage areas, users can lock any item/owner/location to prevent others from changing. A user can change any entity they have access to and that isn’t locked to another user or group.