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 System Requirements

ItemTracker can be installed and run on almost any computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP or later and has at least 100MB of free disk space. Even to run ItemTracker over a network only requires a very basic computer.

To get the best results, for network installations at least, we recommend using the best possible machine available. The following details some of the requirements.

The main requirement is that, if you are not using an existing installation of Microsoft SQL Server for the ItemTracker database, then the server must meet the requirements to install either Microsoft SQL Server Express or Microsoft SQL Server, depending on what you want to use.
Detailed system requirements for SQL Server are located here.

In addition to the installation size is the size of the database which is created the first time you run ItemTracker. There are three parts to the database - the ItemTracker.MDF (100MB), ItemTracker_1.NDF (50MB) and the ItemTracker_2.LDF file (50MB). Sufficient space is required to allow the database to grow.

The amount of RAM required is partly determined by the number of clients connecting to the server, with the minimum recommended amount being 512MB.

We recommend that, where possible, you use a server machine which is much more powerful than these minimum requirements.

For client machines, generally any machine that can run Microsoft Office should be powerful enough. We recommend a machine with Windows 7 or better, a 2GHz CPU, 100MB of available RAM and 50MB of available disk space. RAM usage will vary according to how much data you attempt to retrieve at any given time.